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The Parish of Lower Wylye and Till Valley

        Church: St Mary, Stapleford


               SP3 4LN

Information from Stapleford Parish Council


Please click on the links below to download the documents

20190605 Agenda for Agreeing Council Accounts and Year end return.

Draft Agenda 9th July 2019

Draft Agenda 14th May 2019

Draft Agenda 12th March 2019

Draft Agenda 11th September 2018

APM Electors notice 2019

APM Summons

Items of Expenditure Over £100 2017/18

Draft Minutes 9th July 2019

Draft Minutes 8th January 2019

Draft minutes 13th November 2018

Draft Minutes 11th September 2018

Draft Minutes APM 8th May 2018

Councillor Responsibilities

Internal Audit Report

Notice for the Commencement of Period for the Exercise of Public Rights

Explanation Variances

Bank Reconciliation

Annual Governance Statement

Accounting Statement

Declaration of  Governance

Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities

2018-19 P3 Annual Internal Audit Report

2018-19 P4 Annual Internal Audit Report

2018-19 P5 Annual Internal Audit Report

2018-19 P6 Annual Internal Audit Report

14th May 2019 Meeting 1 Minutes

14th May 2019 Meeting 2 Extra


Governance Statement

The following is the Governance Statement as required by the Transparency code for smaller authorities.

We acknowledge as the members of Stapleford Parish Council our responsibility for ensuring that there is a sound system of internal controls, including the preparation of accounting statements. We confirm to the best of our knowledge and belief, that the statements produced and published throughout the year accurately reflect the finances of the council

M Geoghegan Chairman & John Gibbs Parish Clerk


I have mentioned this crucifix before but not its possible history. I had never noticed it until I looked up from outside at the East window and there it was. Set in a square stone frame is a worn figure of the crucified Jesus with the Virgin Mary and St John at his sides.

It is speculation but it may have been a casualty of the battle to suppress Roman Catholic ceremonial by Puritan influence in the 16th and 17th centuries. At that time, stone altars, crosses, images to venerate the Saints, particularly those of the Virgin Mary (who it was thought at times received more veneration than Jesus) were defaced or broken up.

Our crucifix may have been part of a larger carving broken up and this piece hidden to await better times some time later on. It would have been good to see the crucifix set in place by some devout Stapleford villager and to have heard its site being planned. It is worth looking at the carving itself with binoculars.


About  45 people did, had a ball, and contributed extremely generously to the Hospital’s MRI SCANNER APPEAL.  

Many thanks to “the Staff” , Di, Liz, Lin, Rose and Vicky , who toiled away below and above stairs to produce such a yummy spread, and to Marian for her eye catching flower arrangements, never forgetting the barman who did well, flogging more drink than usual to punters possibly drowning their Brexit woes.  

Thank you to everybody who turned up, especially friends from as far away as Berwick, Wishford and Salisbury,, and gave a record £350 to such a worthy cause – THANK YOU!