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The Parish of Middle Wylye Valley

Church: St Mary the Virgin, Wylye

 BA12 0QZ

 Fisherton de la Mere was joined with Wylye and was called the Parish of Wylye and Fisherton de la Mere


The actual building of the church of St Nicholas at Fisherton de la Mere now comes under the auspices of The Council for the Care of Churches and is not listed as a parish church by the Diocese, but there are three services held there a year.

The ancient Parish of Fisherton de la Mere

The parish consisted of two villages: Fisherton and Bapton. Little is known about it. A Mrs. Josephine Mary Newall (d 1923) lived in Fisherton House and was an accomplished embroideress. Sir Cecil Chubb, Bt (d 1934) lived in Bapton Manor. He bought Stonehenge in 1905 and presented it to the public. Other than this the parish appears to have had an unspectacular history.

In 1621, it was reported that they had no 'popish recusants' (people loyal to the Roman Catholic Church who did not attend Church of England services), no absentees from church, no inns or alehouses, no unlawful weights or measures, no roads out of repair and no rogues or vagabonds.

The parish had a population of 373 at its highest point in 1851.  The Ecclesiastical Census of 1851 reported that on census day 85 people attended morning service, 102 attended evening service, 48 attended morning Sunday School and 44 attended evening Sunday School.

By 1931 the population of the parish had fallen to 195. The parish ended in 1934 when Fisherton was transferred to Wylye and Bapton to Stockton.

The church dates back to the 12th century and was dedicated to St Nicholas by the 14th century.

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