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Plough Sunday, Berwick St James

Plough Sunday, Berwick St James

We could not have wished for a brighter, crisper winter’s day on which to hold the St James’ first (for as long as anyone can remember) Plough Sunday service.  It serves to celebrate the ploughing, sowing and planting time of the farming year, and to remind us of our dependence on and responsibility for this fragile earth.  Those coming to the service were greeted by the sight of the Streets’ tractor and plough which Charles had kindly parked outside.  Inside, the church was adorned with a carpet of seeds in the choir, various farm implements and sacks of soil and […]

Plough Sunday 2020

Plough Sunday was celebrated in the Langfords and at Great Wishford in special services on Sunday 12th January. The observance of Plough Sunday (often on the First Sunday of Epiphany) goes back to Victorian times, but behind it there is a much older observance, associated with the first working day after the twelve days of Christmas, hence ‘Plough Monday’ in some places. Although the nature of farming has changed greatly since 1945, Plough Sunday can still be a way of celebrating farming, the work of farmers and the rural economy and way of life. These special services, along with a […]

Harvest Praise at Great Wishford

Accompanied by the Benefice choir, who were in particularly fine voice that evening, the congregation at St Giles’ were tunefully vocal in their thanksgiving for harvest.  The message of God as provider and sustainer of life was clear in the readings and the homily, reminding us also that everything we receive is from God and remains his – and we are to look after it.  A fabulous loaf in the shape of a wheat sheaf adorned the altar, made with the enthusiastic help of Jack and Henry Noble.   Afterwards, those not coming to the Harvest Supper were invited to break […]

Berwick St James Harvest 2019

As the rain continued to fall, after days of it already and the promise of more to come, 26 braved the wind and wet to gather in St James’ church and give thanks for this year’s harvest.  The church looked wonderful, decked out in flowers that were radiant with the colours of autumn, a plaited loaf on the altar, and a great deal of fruit and veg.  The produce was taken to the Salisbury Women’s Refuge, to be made into very welcome soups and pies.  Focusing on giving and sharing, the service included the handing out of daffodil bulbs for […]

Stockton’s Village Pet Service

Stockton’s Village Pet Service Lenny to anyone who might care to listen: “Is it my imagination or has a small dog just taken up residence between my hind legs?”

Lenny to anyone who might care to listen: “Is it my imagination or has a small dog just taken up residence between my hind legs?” The church of St John the Baptist at Stockton hosted the village pet service on Sunday 29th September.  As Creationtide was drawing to an end, it made a fitting tribute to the furry creatures of God’s creation that both keep us company, and also provide at least one good reason for what might otherwise be mistaken for talking to ourselves!  Jonathan spoke about how much our pets give to us during their relatively brief lifetimes, […]