Plough Sunday, Berwick St James

We could not have wished for a brighter, crisper winter’s day on which to hold the St James’ first (for as long as anyone can remember) Plough Sunday service.  It serves to celebrate the ploughing, sowing and planting time of the farming year, and to remind us of our dependence on and responsibility for this fragile earth.  Those coming to the service were greeted by the sight of the Streets’ tractor and plough which Charles had kindly parked outside.  Inside, the church was adorned with a carpet of seeds in the choir, various farm implements and sacks of soil and grain.  William, Flynn and Nicky, all connected with local farms, delivered the readings beautifully, and many braved the chill outside for the plough blessing.  Onion sets were given out to everyone for Spring planting, a counterpart to the daffodil bulbs distributed at the Harvest service.  Hands were gratefully warmed around steaming mugs of tea and coffee afterwards.

                                                                                                                          Yvonne Allen