Harvest Praise at Great Wishford

Accompanied by the Benefice choir, who were in particularly fine voice that evening, the congregation at St Giles’ were tunefully vocal in their thanksgiving for harvest.  The message of God as provider and sustainer of life was clear in the readings and the homily, reminding us also that everything we receive is from God and remains his – and we are to look after it.  A fabulous loaf in the shape of a wheat sheaf adorned the altar, made with the enthusiastic help of Jack and Henry Noble.   Afterwards, those not coming to the Harvest Supper were invited to break off a piece – the mouse was the first to go! 

Around 60 came to the Harvest Supper, and we are very grateful to Wishford school for the use of their hall, to the amazing team who organised it, cooked the delicious cottage pies, fruit pies, roulade, and cheesecake, to those in charge of liquid refreshments and to the ladies who ran the raffle on the evening.  It was a happy, convivial time, and good to catch up with villagers both present and returning for the occasion.

                                                                                                               Yvonne Allen