Berwick St James Harvest 2019

As the rain continued to fall, after days of it already and the promise of more to come, 26 braved the wind and wet to gather in St James’ church and give thanks for this year’s harvest.  The church looked wonderful, decked out in flowers that were radiant with the colours of autumn, a plaited loaf on the altar, and a great deal of fruit and veg.  The produce was taken to the Salisbury Women’s Refuge, to be made into very welcome soups and pies.  Focusing on giving and sharing, the service included the handing out of daffodil bulbs for all the congregation, to remind us that although the cycle of plant life ends in harvest, it soon begins again with the planting of next year’s crops and flowers (rain permitting!).  A big thank you to Charles for reading and to Georgie for helping to give out the bulbs.  Many lingered afterwards as refreshments were brought round – a great chance to chat and catch up.  Now the harvest festivals are over, we pray that in celebrating God’s loving bounty, we may never forget that his love reaches others through us.