St Giles Fest


Villagers past and present enjoyed an afternoon of sunshine and conviviality, fortified by an assortment of delicious sandwiches and cakes, accompanied by Pimms, tea or coffee.  It was an opportunity both to thank those who contribute to village life in so many ways and to welcome new or recent arrivals.  The sun shone as conversation (and the Pimms!) flowed freely.  I am sure that St Giles, whose name was given to our church, would have been delighted to be feted in that way.  And we learned more about him in the service of Evensong that followed at 5:00pm.  His faithful companion was a red deer, which was shot at by hunters, but the arrow wounded Giles in the leg and he became the patron saint of the physically disabled.  A picture of St Giles and his deer can be seen at the back of the bell tower in the church.  With many thanks to the organisers, bakers, sandwich-makers, water-boilers and helpers, we look forward to next year’s Fest!

                                                                                         Yvonne Allen